“Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)”; worth playing with? a horror film review.

So you know the drill, you see a film involving the Ouija board and you immediately know that you’re going to end up screaming at the characters to leave it be. DO. NOT. TOUCH. THE BOARD. Just don’t touch it. Nice spirits aren’t going to play with you. It’s going to be those nasty ones trying to find a way in.

Or if you’re daft enough to play the game, at least abide by the rules! This is my third review that involves a horror film with disobedient characters. Abide by the rules people…or certainly do not break them if paranormal beings are involved. (see The Lodgers, The Boy).


I’m going to start off with a TL:DR statement. I enjoyed the film. It involved daft parts but you know what, overall it was worth watching.

So, what’s it about?

The film is set in the 60’s and revolves around a family who “give people closure” by conducting fake seances. A mother and her two daughters trick people into believing that their deceased love ones are trying to contact them. They do it by blowing out communication candles, spooky noises and movements. You know, the generic “there’s a dead loved one in this house instead of them being gentle and nice they’ve come to show me their presence by scaring the shit out of me” vibe.

105300980-cinema-background-film-watching-popcorn-ticket-and-clapperboard-on-blue-background-top-view-copy-spaPlease enjoy this scared Snape.

Somehow, the eldest daughter acquires a Ouija board (uhhhh ohhhh I hear you cry) and of COURSE they give it a go and don’t do as it says. They play alone. They break the circle. They don’t say goodbye.

So, naturally this invites a bad entity into the house which possesses the younger daughter. However, this goes unnoticed for a while as the mother just believes she is gifted in the medium world. The possession of the youngest makes me shudder. It’s portrayed in a way similar to the original and terrifying Grudge. With the wide open jaw and peculiar movements.

I won’t give you a full sypnosis of the film, as I would recommend watching it. It isn’t incredible but it is a good horror. It has all the generics of a possession horror; a law breaker and a priest that seems to know everything about everyone in the village.

It’s not full of majorly jumpy parts but the music and lighting adds to a spooky experience.




4 thoughts on ““Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)”; worth playing with? a horror film review.

  1. This movie was terrible. I walked out of the theaters during this movie and when I got home, I watched The Void because I need to see something good in order to get rid of the shit that burned my eyes.


      1. Yea, The Void is a film that is great for those that want to see a John Carpenter, HP Lovecraft and Kubrick spawn. It’s brutal, yet insanely surreal.

        It was one of my films I recommended for last years marathon:


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